Monday, January 31, 2011

My Unstable Hand & Brushes

As promised! I have had enough rest and is good enough to post some images of my very first few customers~

But FIRST! I have to post this candid shot of Ying trying to do something while I was happily waiting for our first appointment...


And you know.. After that shot? It is time to get busy and both of us thou sitting next to each other but hardly talk.. From time to time I will just turn to her and ask "This one charge how much?" or... "Where is this color?" and..."How to draw this design of yours?"... haha And within the mess... She still has the time to give me a quick briefing of the nail art she did (customer request her design, so need to ask)

Ahhh.... and during those mess.. A polish dropped on the floor.. oops~ =X

Anyway, I only managed to take five customers and the following are the design requested by them... But I was too busy and totally forgotten to take a picture of my second customer.. She was super patient with me and is really nice!

Here we go~


Red Polish with really tiny little hearts at the corner of each finger...


Blue Polish with alternate red poker dots..
Those girls were super cute! And I am their senior since we all went to the same school.. haha


Last but not least, one of my most satisfying piece of work! Roses... And I did the same design on two different lady (back-to-back)

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