Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unofficial Preview...

This is an unofficial preview of the nail art that will be available during the Crave4Space Flea Market this Saturday, 29 Jan 2011 @ Scape!

I did not feel the tireness until I was told that it is 12MN and I am still trying to do my Acrylic Nail Art... And I spent too much time on drawing the infamous 5 pedals flower; and also rose learned from youtube...

Anyway, this series of design do not comes in a full set and it was all based on random thoughts... **Ya! I know that it will look much better if I have taken the time to think of doing a full set**

Anyway, apart from the basic designs like animal prints, heart, poker dots nail art, the infamous 5 pedals flower and roses... I will also be doing some acrylic nail art which includes my lovely CNY Rabbit design which I love to the max!!

And what I love about tonight design was the 4D ribbon!!!!! Which I will only pre-prepare a few to bring to the flea market on sat and will not be doing any on the day itself (due to the fact that it is kinda time consuming)

At this very moment, I am not able to confirm the sweet treat design as I am encountering some difficulty of coming out with a full set designs... But do stay tune for more updates...


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