Sunday, March 27, 2011

Professional Manicurist Examination - April 2011

Yup! Finally the exam date is out aka 17 April.. but I only have two weeks to try my best to complete all the assignments plus make at least 4 rounds of self study session back in school...

Anyway, here's the deal.. Anyone needed a free classic manicure??? You gotta be comfortable with the choices of designs as the assignment requirement is either French Manicure or red nails plus simple nail art (limited slots as assignment has designated number of designs to be done). Also, your contact details will be handed up to the school for reviewing purposes (mainly just to ensure that we really did the job). I will be available on the following dates (tentative arrangement for now);

31 March - after 8pm @ Hougang
02 April - after 6pm @ Hougang
03 April - available in the Morning @ Hougang
04 April - from 630pm onwards @ Commonwealth
05 April - from 630pm onwards @ Commonwealth
07 April - after 8pm @ Hougang
09 April - after 6pm @ Hougang
10 April - available in the Morning @ Hougang

Should you wish to reserve a slot, please feel free to comment below or email at

That's all for now folks.. Looking forward to hear from you soon!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pedicure Mock Test

Well, today is the BIG DAY!

After a continuous practicing for four days with my lovely girls aka Jolin, Weiling, Vern and Celine... My effort pays off pretty well...

I wasn't too prepare due to the fact that I am quite sure I will miss out steps since I haven't been attending classes for the whole Feb (Because I have taken the Nail Art One Class already). And finally back to the classroom is something very nice! haha

Anyway, we draw lots to determine who will be our partner and XH had chosen me! Yea!

Finally a class photo! I simply love them all...

End result of my work...

This is my first full french work... never been successful with it before and this is neither good... Cos most of them do not "smile"... You see... You have to achieve a "Smile Line" to consider a good french nail..

But overall, I am quite happy with it; as mentioned earlier, practice did pay off and I was able to complete the whole process within 60 mins; even have 5 mins to spare to do all the touching up...