Sunday, April 17, 2011

Professional Manicurist Exam

Today is the BIG day!!!

I was rushing assignment a day before the exam.. Hahaha I guess I used at least 5 hours to file the nail tips on different days.. And a straight 4 hours just polishing those nail tips.. Phew.. And another 3 hours just labeling and polishing the additional ten nail tips with nail art to go along with the customer assignment...

Yup! That's my assignment!

This is so disgusting! Lol looks like someone's cuticle has been badly cut and her blood splash out none stop.. Hmmm think too much! Hahah

PS: it's just nail polish

Well, once again.. Thank You Ann once more for voulenterring to be my model!! Thank you so much for helping me out!! :))

Confident in passing??

Nope! Not at all..

I think I did quite badly.. Although I manage to complete performing the entire manicure process within 50 mins.. But I stained the skin, polish uneven, french smile line not smiling and nail art looks so ugly!!!!

And the theory exam?? Haha it's MCQ and most of us did not really study.. And 80 questions!!!! Nearly feel like banging my head when came the section about the nail structure.. And the terms?? Booooo

That's all about my day! Will be updating you all soon on my available slots at Hougang...


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